Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forget about rolling over..... I'll CRAWL where I want to go!!

Look out world Madi is on the move!! This last month or so Madi has mastered the art of CRAWLING!! Yes that's right folks, she's a crawler! :0)
She started off in Mid-August with a sort of army crawl.. she knew she wanted to get from point A to point B but wasn't entirely sure on how to get there... so she would use her arms to kind of wiggle her way there (along with a roll here and there) then as she practiced a little more it wasn't long before she figured out she could use her legs to help her.... then a day or so later she realized "hey if I lift my tummy up off the ground and use my knees I can get to just about ANYTHING before Mommy catches me!!" now Madi is officially mobile and getting into EVERYTHING!!
As if this feat of hers wasn't enough.... she also within days of crawling decided she should go ahead and learn to pull herself up on things... her first example of this was when Mommy was cleaning her room ( yeah... can't get the 8mth old to do it herself yet! geesh!!)..Payton and Paige (her cousins) were playing on the floor next to Madi's crib.... we put Madi in her crib to "chill" while I cleaned a bit... well... Just sitting in the crib not playing with the other girls was NOT ok to Miss Madi-Annie... she started looking for ways to see "her girls"... first she figured out how to pull the crib bumper away from the side so she could peek through the bars... then she thought "that's not good enough" so she pulled herself up on her knees on the side of the crib to peer over the top.... this was cute so of course I grabbed my phone to take a picture... well about a minute after this she pulled herself up on her feet!! Paige, Payton & I all ran at the same time to grab her! You see... she hadn't EVER done this before... so her crib mattress was still sitting pretty high up & when she stood this put her waist up above the edge... a little loss of balance and she would have been over!.... so after our minor heart attack I of course....snapped a picture of this grand event to send to Daddy at work... then grabbed Madi to take her somewhere safer to play.


Oh crap!!

Since then she has been pulling herself up on to everything!.... This is in fact the reason her Daddy was able to justify FINALLY... us getting a new TV for the living room.... a 54' plasma... now fastened securely to our living room wall... no more TV in baby reach and no more entertainment center to possibly fall over on her should she try to climb it (all of the Cable box, Blueray player stuff is well hidden in a closet now) I must admit it's a nice change to our home... as reluctant as I was to get it in the first place.... it looks great & makes the room seem bigger... AND Madi does love watching her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it in the mornings so it's not all bad :0) haha

The little crawler in action!
We also recently were able to take Madi on her first trip to the zoo! Grandpa happened to have the day off & was able to join the girls and I ( Madi, her cousins Payton & Isabella and her aunt Ashley) Madi had a blast sitting back "kickin it" in her stroller (leaned back with her feet up, no less! haha) She loves being out in the fresh air and watching all the people going by. It was a great day for us all!

Grandpa and the girls

By the way... I can totally hold my own bottle now too!! Who needs Mommy!!! I can do it myself!!! ;0)

It's been a busy couple of months for Miss Madi-Cakes! Why even just a day ago Mommy & Daddy found 2 more teeth starting to peek through! ( the 2 top front teeth) No wonder Madi has been more of a crabby-cakes these last few days!! Such a busy busy girl! :0) What will she surprise us with next? We better be on our toes!!!