Friday, June 26, 2009

And She's Over!!

This just in.... MADI CAN ROLL OVER NOW!!
Yay Madi-cakes!

Ok so last week I had just finished changing Madisen's diaper... she was laying on her back on the floor when my niece, Payton, came over to play with her... she sat down next to Madi.... well I don't know what it was about the skirt Paytee-poo had on, but... Madi wanted it! So she reached and stretched until boom! She was over on her tummy!! I was so excited!! I started clapping for her which in turn got Payton & her little sis, Isabella, clapping & cheering.... All the while Madi was on her tummy wondering how she got this way?!? Within a few seconds Madi managed to get herself flipped back over to her tummy and was just giggling & smiling with all this attention on her. :0) Of course we called Daddy at work right away to share the news!

Since then she hasn't really had much interest in rolling... she just did it every now and then when she thought there was something worthwhile to reach for.... that is until today!!

Today has been a different story altogether! She has been rolling over like crazy!! And now once she is there, instead of crying ( she's never been a big fan of tummy time) she kind of bobs back and forth like she's trying to figure out how to crawl! Who knows! Maybe she'll be doing that in no time!! :0)
In other news... her two front bottom teeth are now coming in strong! It officially hurts when she bites you!! haha! And she is working on some more already!
It's been such a busy couple of weeks for the little missy!! She also is getting to be pretty good at sitting up on her own! Last week she was very wobbly but this week she seems to be getting it down pretty quick!! We're so proud of her :0)
One more thing! Madi now has a nursery to call her own! For the past couple of weeks we have been arranging and decorating ( & painting!) Madi's new room! It's been so much fun! I hope to have pictures soon to show how it's coming along.

Madi now has her own crib that right from the first night in it she sleep great in! (of course this week hasn't been a good example of that... she's going through some separation anxiety issues already & doesn't understand why Mommy can't just sleep in the crib with her!) It's been a bit of an adjustment not having her in the same room with us at night... all the crazy things a new paranoid parent can think of has come to my mind... like what do I do if there's a fire? How will I get to her to get her out if she's all the way down the hall? What if someone breaks in?What if there's a tornado?( not that we actually get tornadoes around here...) Or will I hear her when she wakes up crying? (ok bad example... I've slept thru her cries & Brendan has had to kick me to get me to realize she's awake!!) So yeah... I'm hoping eventually my paranoia will wear off & I will be able to get some sleep again! (Wow it just seems like forever since I've had a full nights rest! Welcome to mommyhood right? ) :0)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rice Cereal, Peas & Squash! Oh my!

We finally decided it was time for Madi to give solid food another try! The last time she attempted it went.... so-so.... she wasn't quite sure what to do with the food once it was in her mouth.. so most of it ended up coming right back out... but a little over a month has gone by since then so we thought it was time to give it another shot!
Just a few days ago we made up some rice cereal for Madi and right from the first bite she was a pro! Instead of spitting the food back out, she ate it! Yay! We were so proud! It was pretty funny to watch her because she would sit in her highchair and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle until she saw the spoon close to her mouth, then she would stop, open her mouth & take a bite... then immediately went back to wiggling as she ate it! Too cute! So far she has tried...

rice cereal...


and now squash!

I think she likes the peas the best... but she eats them all with no problem. In fact now that she's gotten the hang of the spoon I have a hard time eating in front of her! Every bite I take she looks at me and opens her mouth like she's ready for her bite! (I guess it's good for my figure because I just can't get away with eating ice cream in front of her! It makes me feel bad!! haha!)
I think next we'll try green beans... I'm sure we'll have more messy-face pictures to add soon! :0)

OH!!One more thing!
It's official! Madi is getting teeth!!! We can see the little white tops of her two front bottom teeth coming in! She's been a little extra fussy lately & now we know why! Brendan spotted them just a couple days ago.... Can't wait to see them come in all the way! She's growing SO fast!!!