Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas!
Ok, so Christmas was a month ago, yes... But it's never to late to let you all know what a great time Madisen had her VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS!
December was an exciting month for our little family...
It was so great to be able to show Madi what the holidays are about... All the lights on the trees, the endless baking with Grandma & Aunt Jen (along with all her Cousins and Mommy too, of course!) learning how to unwrap presents (also learning to leave the presents under the tree and not touch them until Christmas) lots and lots of shopping, and spending tons of time with our family! Madisen loved every minute of it! We started off the season with some hard-core Black Friday shopping! After spending Thanksgiving at my brothers house ( and eating WAY too much yummy food! Madi LOVED the sweet potatoes!) Madi & I ( along with Aunt Ashley) hurried off to sleep so we could get ourselves up at 4am to go grab some good deals! I thought Madi would sleep through the whole thing but she woke right up and was wide awake quietly taking all the craziness in..She did great! I hadn't done the black Friday shopping in years.. it was definitely worth it though, we were able to take home some great gifts and didn't have to push too many people out of our way to get them along the way! :0)
Next it was time to get the perfect Christmas tree...
We usually go out & cut our own tree down, but this year we thought we'd check out our very local tree farm (it's just down the street from us) Since we had Madisen with us we thought it may be easier to get a tree a little closer to home. We bundled Madi-cakes up and set off to pick out our Tree... Madi loved checking them all out... it didn't take long for us to find THE one. Taking it home was a bit of an adventure...the guys at the tree farm were nice enough to "tie" the tree to the roof of our SUV. Looking back though, yes, we should have been more concerned when they looked puzzled at each other, then turned to us and asked if we were going very far? But alas, we were just happy to have a tree and excited to get it home to start decorating so, off we went... 2 turns and 1 stop light later though, the tree was hanging off the side of our car ready to fall off at any time... I thought maybe if we opened the sunroof I could grab it and hold it while we drove the rest of the way home..surprisingly (haha) though I couldn't reach it & we ended up pulling over. Brendan was able to get it back up on the roof & we (I attempted then B took over) held onto it through the sunroof all the way home. Next came the lights and the ornaments ( including a special "First Christmas" one for Miss Madi-cakes) and then many many "no's" and "Hands off the tree" followed as Madisen learned that we look at the pretty tree... we don't take off all the pretty shiny things and chew on them.... eventually she got the idea and left it alone (for the most part).
After we brought the tree home we headed off to the mall to introduce Madisen to Santa Claus for the first time... She was not too sure of this man in red, but Daddy sat with her for a picture and that made it ok.... that is until daddy attempted to let Madi sit on Santa's lap... she was not shy about making it known she wasn't up for this and made a lunge for mommy... maybe next year she'll be up for it. :0) She did have fun though, checking out the pretty ornaments on Santa's Christmas tree. :0)
We spent Christmas Eve , as per our tradition, at my moms house. We had lots of fun with the whole family eating the yummy goodies we had spent days and days making, talking and laughing lots then ended the evening by opening gifts. This was Madi's first time getting to rip open packages, She caught on immediately and enjoyed ripping all that paper!! She was totally into it until she opened one particular gift... once she saw what was inside she wanted it and it alone... "Mom can open the rest for me... I'm going to go play with my brand new Baby Doll!" That was the hit of the night for her!
The next morning we all got up to find that Santa had made a stop at our house (wonder how he made it in without a chimney?) Madi had by this point mastered the art of opening gifts and was not shy about tearing into her packages. She was even glad to help Mommy & Daddy with theirs. We were also lucky to have Aya be able to spend the holidays with us as well, making it feel like the whole family was back together again! That afternoon/evening we hosted our families Christmas dinner, I made the ham while Brendan took charge of making the yummiest Prime Rib! Madi loved being able to try all the traditional holiday goodies!
We ended the year looking back at all the changes that have come to "Our Little Family"... so many things have happened & we have had SO much to be thankful for and to celebrate. Brendan and I have been so lucky to have this beautiful little girl in our lives and to be able to share so much with her. Each day just gets better and better ( and I swear she keeps getting cuter and cuter!! ) We are looking forward to another great year with lots more "firsts" to share with our Madi-cakes! Happy 2010 everyone!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Are you ready for THIS???!!

Last month.... as Madi was beginning to pull herself up onto things and walk along the furniture... I said to Brendan... I think she'll be walking at 10 months....
It seems as though Madi had heard her mommy & wanted to go ahead and prove her right (for once)! :0)
On November 8th, 2009 ( the day Madi turned 10 mths old!) Our little Madi-Cakes took her first steps!!! Yay Madi!!
Brendan, Madi & I were all playing on the floor in the living room & Madi decided it was a great time to start walking from her activity desk over to Daddy ( and to Mommy) Brendan and I, of course, broke out into cheers for our little lady! We're SO proud of her! She started out just taking about 5 steps at a time ( before either getting to one of us or before just sitting down) But it didn't take her long to get her balance just right to be able to make it all the way across the room! Now she walks EVERYWHERE!! It's so cute to watch her go! She still is pretty wobbly and tends to walk like frankenstein at times but she is determined to GO! GO! GO!! I fear running will be accomplished before we know it!
We were able to get some of her first steps on video!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This year on Halloween Brendan and I were among the very few and very lucky who were able to catch a glimpse of the elusive Pink Leopard.... luckily we were able to snap a picture or two of this magnificent animal...

We were happy to discover that this pink leopard was fairly tame and enjoyed having her picture taken! She even allowed us to take her to a few houses for some good ol' trick or treating. The only downside was when she discovered she wouldn't be allowed to eat the candy our neighbors were so nice to hand out to us. She was, however, allowed to examine the loot before it was taken out of sight, which seemed to please the Pink Leopard quite a bit! We had a fabulous evening & can't wait to see who we run into next year!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To the Pumpkin Patch we go!

We took our first Family trip to the pumpkin patch this October. Since Madi had just turned 9 mths old we thought a round of awesome pictures was in order! And where else would we go for that in October? The pumpkin patch was the perfect setting :0)
When we set off that day I had this vision in my head that since Madi could stand up on her own holding onto our furniture then why couldn't she do that next to a pumpkin instead? Seemed pretty seamless to me... I did, however, take for granted that Madi had NEVER seen &/or felt a pumpkin before and that this new "thing" might take her a minute to figure out.... so...I set her down next to a pumpkin and put her hand on the top of it ... she looked at me like I was crazy! "What the heck is THIS mom?" & "Why am I touching it?" She immediately took her hand away from it and sat down... to focus on yet another "new" thing... Gravel! It's amazing how fast those little rocks can make it into her mouth! She definitely had me on my toes that afternoon! It ended up taking her a few moments but she eventually was ok with being near the pumpkins and of course her Daddy got some excellent pictures of her to remember the day with....


Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's finally fall around here... summer didn't seem to want to let gave us one last week of 90ish degree weather before fall took over and brought the 60's & the good 'ol Oregon rain (the grass was grateful for this though!)

It's been kind of nice to be able to open up the windows and let the cool crisp autumn air in AND with the cooler weather here it means that I can finally pull out some of the warmer clothes Madi has that have been tucked away in her closet.... it's kind of like getting to go clothes shopping in her own room, lol.... of course Madi takes no notice of this.... but it makes her mommy happy... haha...

Last week Madi had her 9mth well-child doctor appointment. She now weighs 16lbs 8oz & is 26 1/4 in. I can hardly believe she is 9 mths old already!!!!
Madi spends her days crawling EVERYWHERE & pulling herself up on to the furniture (and on Mommy!) Because of this we decided it was time to move our coffee table away from the couch so it wouldn't be such a temptation for her to climb on (it's a bit of a head injury hazard!) this opened up the room a bit and gives Madi a LOT more crawling... rolling... playing space... She recently discovered the bamboo floor in the kitchen/dining room & tries to make a break for it every chance she can! She loves to sit in there and kick her feet on the wood floor (oh, not to mention try to pull the magnets off the refrigerator!!)

Madisen has definitely found her voice! ( Although Mommy wishes she would find her "indoor" voice sometime soon! ) All day long she says Da-Da, Da-Da, Bay-bee Bay-bee, Ba-ba Ba-ba....sometimes she even throws in a "yeah" or her "biju-biju" (no, not sure what that one means yet...). She at one point was saying Ma-Ma... all the time.... but once she figured out Da-Da, she stopped.... I keep trying to get her to go back to it...."Madi, I'll let you have your bottle if you say Ma-Ma"...or "Madi-cakes say Ma-Ma please change my pants!" .... but nothing seems to work... haha... ;0) She makes up for it with lots of hugs for mommy & the lovely open mouthed extra slobber kisses throughout the day.... so I guess I can't complain too much!

It's amazing it is October already! I'm so excited for Madi to wear her Halloween costume!! It's SOOOO cute!! Usually this time of year I would be pestering Brendan to get our Halloween decorations down from the attic so I can "spook-i-fy" our home... but with Madi giving me a daily workout I'm in no hurry.... maybe we'll sit this one out, let someone else handle scaring the neighbor kids this year...We'll go get 'em next year! ;0)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forget about rolling over..... I'll CRAWL where I want to go!!

Look out world Madi is on the move!! This last month or so Madi has mastered the art of CRAWLING!! Yes that's right folks, she's a crawler! :0)
She started off in Mid-August with a sort of army crawl.. she knew she wanted to get from point A to point B but wasn't entirely sure on how to get there... so she would use her arms to kind of wiggle her way there (along with a roll here and there) then as she practiced a little more it wasn't long before she figured out she could use her legs to help her.... then a day or so later she realized "hey if I lift my tummy up off the ground and use my knees I can get to just about ANYTHING before Mommy catches me!!" now Madi is officially mobile and getting into EVERYTHING!!
As if this feat of hers wasn't enough.... she also within days of crawling decided she should go ahead and learn to pull herself up on things... her first example of this was when Mommy was cleaning her room ( yeah... can't get the 8mth old to do it herself yet! geesh!!)..Payton and Paige (her cousins) were playing on the floor next to Madi's crib.... we put Madi in her crib to "chill" while I cleaned a bit... well... Just sitting in the crib not playing with the other girls was NOT ok to Miss Madi-Annie... she started looking for ways to see "her girls"... first she figured out how to pull the crib bumper away from the side so she could peek through the bars... then she thought "that's not good enough" so she pulled herself up on her knees on the side of the crib to peer over the top.... this was cute so of course I grabbed my phone to take a picture... well about a minute after this she pulled herself up on her feet!! Paige, Payton & I all ran at the same time to grab her! You see... she hadn't EVER done this before... so her crib mattress was still sitting pretty high up & when she stood this put her waist up above the edge... a little loss of balance and she would have been over!.... so after our minor heart attack I of course....snapped a picture of this grand event to send to Daddy at work... then grabbed Madi to take her somewhere safer to play.


Oh crap!!

Since then she has been pulling herself up on to everything!.... This is in fact the reason her Daddy was able to justify FINALLY... us getting a new TV for the living room.... a 54' plasma... now fastened securely to our living room wall... no more TV in baby reach and no more entertainment center to possibly fall over on her should she try to climb it (all of the Cable box, Blueray player stuff is well hidden in a closet now) I must admit it's a nice change to our home... as reluctant as I was to get it in the first place.... it looks great & makes the room seem bigger... AND Madi does love watching her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on it in the mornings so it's not all bad :0) haha

The little crawler in action!
We also recently were able to take Madi on her first trip to the zoo! Grandpa happened to have the day off & was able to join the girls and I ( Madi, her cousins Payton & Isabella and her aunt Ashley) Madi had a blast sitting back "kickin it" in her stroller (leaned back with her feet up, no less! haha) She loves being out in the fresh air and watching all the people going by. It was a great day for us all!

Grandpa and the girls

By the way... I can totally hold my own bottle now too!! Who needs Mommy!!! I can do it myself!!! ;0)

It's been a busy couple of months for Miss Madi-Cakes! Why even just a day ago Mommy & Daddy found 2 more teeth starting to peek through! ( the 2 top front teeth) No wonder Madi has been more of a crabby-cakes these last few days!! Such a busy busy girl! :0) What will she surprise us with next? We better be on our toes!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are some recent pictures of our little Madi-cakes.... Brendan is becoming quite the awesome photographer....

Back to Blogging...

So, turns out I'm pretty much a slacker at this blogging thing... haha...
it's been a month or so since I've updated everyone so here's a little bit of what's been happening in our little world...

On July 8th Madisen turned 6 months old!! (it was also her Daddy's birthday too!!) At her 6 mth Dr appt (that was sort of impromptu since apparently the cold & flu season lasted longer than expected & the Doctors office had a heck of a time getting her in for her well-child visit.... it ended up being a sick child visit , we found she has acid reflux, that they were able to combine her well-child check-up with) Madi is now 14 lbs 5.5 oz... she's growing growing growing! She is rolling over like crazy (seriously... Mommy can't turn her head for a second... Madi gets herself from one side of the room to the other in no time!) She is also sitting up all on her own. She loves to sit on the floor with her toys and play...occasionally stopping from time to time to watch the doggies play around her (she's kinda obsessed with them now!)
Madi-cakes is eating all sorts of solid food now... she loves Bananas and Mango & hates turkey ( ok not real turkey... but the baby food kind....yuck! I don't blame her!! I won't be buying that stuff again!!) She eats her rice cereal and her veggies like a champ!
This last week Madisen and I went camping up to Fishermens Bend (it's a campground just outside of Mill City, Or) Peggy & her family were up there too & Madi's aunt Jen & cousins (Izaac, Justin & Paige) came along with us... we had a lot of fun, although it turned out to be a terrible week to go camping.. We had a major heatwave... the temps were around 107 the whole time we were there! Yuck! I didn't think Madi would do so well in the heat but she surprised us all! She was such a trooper! She loves being outside & she loves having her cousins around her so she was in heaven! The kids helped her cool down a lot by dripping water from their squirt bottles on her from time to time (they were dumping cold water on their heads...luckily for Madi they weren't doing that to her! Just little drops on her head... she thought it was funny & it kept her cool at the same time so it was all good ;0) ) Peggy & Colin and I were able to take a couple of trips in the faft down the river which was great! It was a lot cooler on the water & we were able to stop along the way to jump in the icey cold water... it was so nice! I am looking forward to going again sometime... next time though hopefully Brendan can join us & it won't be so hot!!

Here are a few pics from Madi's 6 mth photo session... she has a great photographer.. her daddy ;0)

Friday, June 26, 2009

And She's Over!!

This just in.... MADI CAN ROLL OVER NOW!!
Yay Madi-cakes!

Ok so last week I had just finished changing Madisen's diaper... she was laying on her back on the floor when my niece, Payton, came over to play with her... she sat down next to Madi.... well I don't know what it was about the skirt Paytee-poo had on, but... Madi wanted it! So she reached and stretched until boom! She was over on her tummy!! I was so excited!! I started clapping for her which in turn got Payton & her little sis, Isabella, clapping & cheering.... All the while Madi was on her tummy wondering how she got this way?!? Within a few seconds Madi managed to get herself flipped back over to her tummy and was just giggling & smiling with all this attention on her. :0) Of course we called Daddy at work right away to share the news!

Since then she hasn't really had much interest in rolling... she just did it every now and then when she thought there was something worthwhile to reach for.... that is until today!!

Today has been a different story altogether! She has been rolling over like crazy!! And now once she is there, instead of crying ( she's never been a big fan of tummy time) she kind of bobs back and forth like she's trying to figure out how to crawl! Who knows! Maybe she'll be doing that in no time!! :0)
In other news... her two front bottom teeth are now coming in strong! It officially hurts when she bites you!! haha! And she is working on some more already!
It's been such a busy couple of weeks for the little missy!! She also is getting to be pretty good at sitting up on her own! Last week she was very wobbly but this week she seems to be getting it down pretty quick!! We're so proud of her :0)
One more thing! Madi now has a nursery to call her own! For the past couple of weeks we have been arranging and decorating ( & painting!) Madi's new room! It's been so much fun! I hope to have pictures soon to show how it's coming along.

Madi now has her own crib that right from the first night in it she sleep great in! (of course this week hasn't been a good example of that... she's going through some separation anxiety issues already & doesn't understand why Mommy can't just sleep in the crib with her!) It's been a bit of an adjustment not having her in the same room with us at night... all the crazy things a new paranoid parent can think of has come to my mind... like what do I do if there's a fire? How will I get to her to get her out if she's all the way down the hall? What if someone breaks in?What if there's a tornado?( not that we actually get tornadoes around here...) Or will I hear her when she wakes up crying? (ok bad example... I've slept thru her cries & Brendan has had to kick me to get me to realize she's awake!!) So yeah... I'm hoping eventually my paranoia will wear off & I will be able to get some sleep again! (Wow it just seems like forever since I've had a full nights rest! Welcome to mommyhood right? ) :0)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rice Cereal, Peas & Squash! Oh my!

We finally decided it was time for Madi to give solid food another try! The last time she attempted it went.... so-so.... she wasn't quite sure what to do with the food once it was in her mouth.. so most of it ended up coming right back out... but a little over a month has gone by since then so we thought it was time to give it another shot!
Just a few days ago we made up some rice cereal for Madi and right from the first bite she was a pro! Instead of spitting the food back out, she ate it! Yay! We were so proud! It was pretty funny to watch her because she would sit in her highchair and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle until she saw the spoon close to her mouth, then she would stop, open her mouth & take a bite... then immediately went back to wiggling as she ate it! Too cute! So far she has tried...

rice cereal...


and now squash!

I think she likes the peas the best... but she eats them all with no problem. In fact now that she's gotten the hang of the spoon I have a hard time eating in front of her! Every bite I take she looks at me and opens her mouth like she's ready for her bite! (I guess it's good for my figure because I just can't get away with eating ice cream in front of her! It makes me feel bad!! haha!)
I think next we'll try green beans... I'm sure we'll have more messy-face pictures to add soon! :0)

OH!!One more thing!
It's official! Madi is getting teeth!!! We can see the little white tops of her two front bottom teeth coming in! She's been a little extra fussy lately & now we know why! Brendan spotted them just a couple days ago.... Can't wait to see them come in all the way! She's growing SO fast!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madisen vs the Ear Infection!

It's official! Madi has won her first battle with an ear infection!
Last week Madi had started waking up just about every hour or two in the night just screaming! (which is fairly unusual since she's been sleeping almost all the way through the night these days) She didn't want to eat anything... didn't stop after having her pants changed.. just kept crying & whimpering, even when I held her (which usually calms her down when she is cranky) We checked her temp & she was running a low-grade fever :0( ....During the daytime she was a little better but still extremely cranky and fussy & just not acting like her normal self. This all started the Saturday after she had her 4mth vaccines so we thought maybe it was a reaction to the shots...but unfortunately as the week went on she was getting worse & not better....I called the Dr & was told maybe it was just teething (which if this is how she acts every time she's teething I think I might go crazy by the time all her teeth are in!! lol) Another day later I got a call back from the Dr's office saying that it's got to be a reaction to her shots & that this can happen for up to 7 days after the shots are given! Yikes! But as the days went on Madi was just not getting any better... her Daddy noticed that her ears were looking pretty goopy lately & thought for sure she MUST have an ear infection. We called the Dr the next day & were able to get Madi in later that day.... once we got there Madi was SOOOOO cranky!!! She cried on the way there... cried as I was getting her checked in... cried when we sat in the waiting room... even cried on the way back to the patient room.... poor thing...the Dr did a complete check-up on Madi...wanting to make sure he covered all the bases since she is so young... she had to have lots of tests ( blood test, urine test, also had to have her ears flushed) after all of this he came to the conclusion that she MUST have an ear infection... he wasn't able to confirm it right away because he couldn't get a good look into her ears... poor thing had to have them scraped out & then flushed then scraped again! She was not happy!! Then after all that... he still couldn't see!!! So, he treated her for an ear infection anyhow, gave her a shot of antibiotics...she hated the shot but within just a few hours she was totally back to her normal self! Smiling... laughing... cooing.... We were SO glad to see her feeling better! The Dr wanted to see her the next day though so he could try to get a better look at her ears to confirm it & to make sure she was getting better & not any worse.... That night (after almost a full week of hardly any sleep!) Madi & I went to bed at 10pm & when I looked at the clock when she woke up it was after 5am!!! Yay!! She had slept more than an hour at a time!!!! YAY!! We went back to the Dr & he was able to confirm it was her left ear causing all the trouble..... she got one more shot of antibiotics & that was that!! I hope this won't become a habit for her!! It sure wasn't any fun!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madi's 4 month check-up...

It's hard to believe our little Madi-cakes is already 4 months old!! The time is just flying right by!! On May 14th we went in for her check-up.... she now weighs 12lbs 10.5 oz and she has grown to 23.5 in! She's growing out of a lot of her cloths and finally fitting into some of the cute outfits I've been waiting for her to wear! Not to mention she is giving my arms a good workout everyday!! Boy are my muscles tired!!

Madi is really thinking hard about rolling over these days... she's pretty close but doesn't seem to have that extra "oomph!" to get her over all the way just yet.... We'll keep on watching though because we know it will happen any day now!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I was very excited to have my very first Mother's Day this year!
( Although last year we found out we were pregnant the day before
Mother's Day according to Brendan I wasn't allowed to tell anyone until we got the official word from the Doctor!... it was torture!!)
We started out the day by sleeping in a little (yay!!) Then Brendan and Madi were very excited to give me my very first ever Mother's day gift! Brendan, being the spectacular photographer that he is, took a couple pictures (one of Madi and another of Madi & I ) and had them made into 11x14 size & framed them, we ended up putting them up in our living room, they look GREAT!
Then we decided to go to the riverfront park and take a walk. It was a beautiful day out so a walk in the sunshine was perfect! We stopped at the mall beforehand and ate lunch (while Madi slept! yay! I got to eat lunch with both hands!!) Then once lunch was over we headed to the park. At the waterfront they have turned an old railroad bridge into a walking path across the Willamette River. I was a little nervous about walking across it at first ( the old railroad had been there forever & wasn't looking like it was in the best shape) but once we got up to the bridge we found it was actually really nice! We walked across it a few times then went to sit on a park bench.... Madi really gathers a lot of attention while we are out and about with her... she makes a lot of new friends, who seem to like to stop and ask all about her & then in turn tell us about their grandkids! lol, it's lots of fun :0) After a nice stroll around the park we decided to pack it up and head over to my moms house to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!
Here are some pics from our day... and yes...we totally matched that day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a big girl now! (well... almost!)

So today we decided it was time for Madi to give some rice cereal a try! She's approaching 4mths old & we thought maybe she might be ready to test it out.
Well... she had just woken up from a long nap (FYI: anything over 30 mins is long for Madi! lol) and it was about that time for her to be really hungry... so Mommy got the cereal ready while Daddy set up the camera ( this was promising to be one of those kodak moments...)

The first bite she took was ok, she wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do with it though...
So of course most of it came right back out...
I'm thinking out of the handful of bites she got, maybe a quarter of them actually stayed in her mouth! I think it's going to take some more tries for Madisen to get used to this new concept!

After a few bites into it Madi had had enough and let us know...
But over all it didn't go too badly... I think we'll wait a little while and try again... In the meantime though we got some cute pics for her scrapbook out of it! haha!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the last couple of weeks we've had some beautiful weather (well.. we've had some yucky rain too! but that's beside the point!) It was so nice out that we were able to take Madisen on lots of walks... for the first time we decided not to have her sit in her carseat ( which fits on top of the stroller and keeps her facing backwards, towards us and facing up so she gets a great view of the sky)... instead Brendan thought she would have more fun if she could sit in the stroller like a big girl facing forward and sitting up... so she could see everything around her... well Daddy was right! Madi absolutely LOVES it! Her little head just keeps turning from side to side trying to take everything in... kids playing, cars going by, dogs barking, trees& the colors of all the flowers... she couldn't get enough of it! Well... that is until she fell asleep halfway through on a couple walks, I guess almost 4 mth olds can only take SO much in before having to rest!
Also, since it was so nice out I decided that Madisen and I would take a blanket out in the grass and sit in the sunshine (since she was born in Jan, this was really her first time being out in the warm sun!) But as you would expect any paranoid new mother to do... I smothered her in sunblock (I even covered her whole head with it! Since her little hair just doesn't cover enough!) but even after doing so I was worried that she was going to get a sunburn! So off to the shade we went! haha! I guess I'll just have to take baby steps... hopefully by the end of summer I'll be better! :)
This last weekend I decided it was time to have a mommies-only girls day... Madisen and I have pretty much been attached at the hip since she's was born so going somewhere without her was a bit difficult for me! But, while I went to play Bunco with the girls for a couple hours Madisen had a great time hanging out with her Dad. I was a little worried at first since Madisen has been a little moody lately but they both did great! They went for a couple walks and even ran into Grandpa along the way! (My dad lives just down the street from us) Brendan is such a good daddy :0)
This week it's been pretty rainy, but I'm looking forward to some more sunshine! Madisen was able to "help" me get some flowers planted ( which means she sat outside with me while I did all the work! geesh! babies! I am hoping we'll have the opportunity to plant more in the weeks to come!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Welcome to the Dillon family blog! I thought with so many family members living in so many places this would be a good way to keep in touch.
So.... What's new with us?

Well as you all most likely know... Brendan and I have a new beautiful addition to our little family...on Jan 8th 2009 at 3:15am we welcomed our little girl Madisen Ann to the world! She weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 19.5 in long.
Madi is now 3 1/2 mths old ( wow the time just flies right by!) I've been lucky enough to be able to stay home with her which has been great! She is getting the hang of the whole sleeping thing and almost manages to sleep through the night. ( She still wakes up once or twice to eat, but then tends to go right back to sleep) Lately I'm realizing more and more that she is a morning person, which is sad for me since I am such a night owl... but it's nice for her daddy to be able to see her awake and smiling at him before he goes to work. :0) Luckily she likes to take a long early morning nap so Mommy has time to catch up on her sleep! haha
Madi smiles all the time and loves sitting up and watching everything around her... in fact she doesn't like taking naps during the day because she's afraid she's going to miss something! She is a very strong girl, she just wants to get up and go! I think she would like to skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to running! She just amazes us everyday!
Our little Princess

Mommy & Madi
Daddy & Madisen

Our Little Family

I'll try to update this often to let you all know the new and exciting things going on in our life ( and some of the normal everyday, not-so-exciting things too) :0) So check back often!