Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to Blogging...

So, turns out I'm pretty much a slacker at this blogging thing... haha...
it's been a month or so since I've updated everyone so here's a little bit of what's been happening in our little world...

On July 8th Madisen turned 6 months old!! (it was also her Daddy's birthday too!!) At her 6 mth Dr appt (that was sort of impromptu since apparently the cold & flu season lasted longer than expected & the Doctors office had a heck of a time getting her in for her well-child visit.... it ended up being a sick child visit , we found she has acid reflux, that they were able to combine her well-child check-up with) Madi is now 14 lbs 5.5 oz... she's growing growing growing! She is rolling over like crazy (seriously... Mommy can't turn her head for a second... Madi gets herself from one side of the room to the other in no time!) She is also sitting up all on her own. She loves to sit on the floor with her toys and play...occasionally stopping from time to time to watch the doggies play around her (she's kinda obsessed with them now!)
Madi-cakes is eating all sorts of solid food now... she loves Bananas and Mango & hates turkey ( ok not real turkey... but the baby food kind....yuck! I don't blame her!! I won't be buying that stuff again!!) She eats her rice cereal and her veggies like a champ!
This last week Madisen and I went camping up to Fishermens Bend (it's a campground just outside of Mill City, Or) Peggy & her family were up there too & Madi's aunt Jen & cousins (Izaac, Justin & Paige) came along with us... we had a lot of fun, although it turned out to be a terrible week to go camping.. We had a major heatwave... the temps were around 107 the whole time we were there! Yuck! I didn't think Madi would do so well in the heat but she surprised us all! She was such a trooper! She loves being outside & she loves having her cousins around her so she was in heaven! The kids helped her cool down a lot by dripping water from their squirt bottles on her from time to time (they were dumping cold water on their heads...luckily for Madi they weren't doing that to her! Just little drops on her head... she thought it was funny & it kept her cool at the same time so it was all good ;0) ) Peggy & Colin and I were able to take a couple of trips in the faft down the river which was great! It was a lot cooler on the water & we were able to stop along the way to jump in the icey cold water... it was so nice! I am looking forward to going again sometime... next time though hopefully Brendan can join us & it won't be so hot!!

Here are a few pics from Madi's 6 mth photo session... she has a great photographer.. her daddy ;0)

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