Thursday, March 31, 2011

Halen is TWO months old!

Halen had his two month well child check-up on March 15th, 2011
He is a whopping 12lbs! (which puts him in the 20% for his age) He is 22.5in tall (43%) .... he's growing like crazy!
He has been doing great... although... he had started getting a little sick the week before his doctor appointment.... Madi did as well... runny noses...coughing...the usual yucky cold stuff... well Halen was NOT sounding good at all by the time the day of his appointment arrived, so we were very happy that we already had this appointment scheduled. The Dr took one quick listen to his lungs & said he has Bronchiolitis..... he was wheezing & sounded HORRIBLE over the next few days... the Dr had given us an inhaler to use for breathing treatments, which Halen was NOT a fan of at all! Overall he was sick for nearly 2 wks... we had a few nights where we got very little sleep and thought we might end up in the ER with him at any moment... but luckily Halen took it all like a champ... even after having a terrible coughing fit he would look up at us and flash his big cheesy grin! Being so sick when you are only 2 months old is no fun! But our little Halen is ALWAYS such a happy guy!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finger Painting Fun!

On Madi's birthday this year, her Grandpa gave her finger paint as a gift.... at the time we had a brand new baby in the house & finger painting seemed a bit more of a mess than I could handle.... so I put it away & forgot about it... luckily for Madi, her Daddy remembered it......

I'm supposed to do what?

My fingers are MESSY!

This is FUN!

Look at my picture Daddy!

I'm SO Messy!!

She had so much fun! She is looking forward to making more masterpieces soon!