Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Parties, Playdates, New tricks & More!...

May has been a pretty busy month for the Dillon clan...

We started off the month celebrating Paige's 8th birthday
Here's the Birthday Girl showing off the handmade paper flower she made herself
(Madi is SO obsessed w/her cousin Paige!)

Then since the sun had decided to show up once again we made a few trips to the park to soak up some vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air!

Madi going for a ride w/ Daddy at the Riverfront park, she LOVES her pink car!

Madi was so excited it was nice enough out to go play on the SLIDE!

Getting some pointers from her buddy Avalee.

Happy little Halen hanging out while the girls play.

Madi also has had some recent encounters with her favorite neighborhood animals....

"Cow Kitty!"

Giving Tubby a pat on the back

Halen was a pretty busy guy and learned to ROLL OVER! He's also quite the ladies man these days....

Of course we had to post Halen's new accomplishment for all to see when they came to visit!

This is a typical day in the life of Halen... Madi & Isa fighting over who gets to play with him!

He has also found something new to play with.... his feet!
(This has made changing his diaper & getting him dressed a bit challenging! Combine the foot constantly in his mouth with the rolling over & it's like wrestling a bear!)

Next we helped Isabella celebrate her 4th birthday...

(How is it possible that she is 4 already!?)

Halen was pretty excited to get to try solids for the first time...ok maybe excited isn't the word for it... He wasn't too sure what to think of it at first...

Turns out, he really wasn't too impressed with it....

...at all...
(*update: He has improved his opinion on this solid food stuff... at first it was just weird to him...but w/ each meal he's become happier & happier to see that spoon coming towards him! He even *thinks* that he's ready to go ahead & just use the spoon himself! haha!)

Here our little rocker is with the super awesome blanket his Grandma Pat made him

Miss Madi-Annie was extremely proud of herself... she learned how to draw hearts! Here she is showing them off

Looking forward to a very busy, busy summer filled with more park playdates, visits from family , lots of sunshine & playing in the swimming pool! Not to mention lots of GROWING for Mr Halen

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Halen is FOUR months old!

May 5th, 2011 We took Halen in to see the doctor for his four month check up!
He is now 23.88 inches tall (13.9%) & is 14lbs 12.5oz! (48.5%)
And is healthy as can be!
I think when he woke up that morning he must have known he would be going to see the doctor... because he decided it would be the day he would start to
Guess he wanted me to have a little extra something to brag to the Doctor about!
He had to have some shots this time around & boy is he not a fan! He turned a couple new shades of red then purple for about 30 seconds.. while screaming.... then took a deep breath...looked at me and flashed the super cute "Halen Smile".... then took a long nap.... boy I love this kid!!