Sunday, August 15, 2010


This August marked Madi's second ever camping trip!
We went last year and had to bare the 107 degree temps, yikes! I was worried that maybe that would be our luck again this time around... but luckily it was a perfect 70-75 degree week!
We tagged along (again) with my best friends' family...they are always gracious enough to adopt us as one of their own each year on their annual family camping trip. :0) Brendan had to work so it was just us girls that went this time around. I was a bit worried at first about being pregnant... camping... on my own with a toddler... but with Peggy & her family there I was far from alone!
When we first got there Madi wasn't too sure about all this DIRT around her.... she got some on her hands & would immediately come running to me saying "Messy! Messy!" And would freak out until I helped her wipe her hands off... yes... she's my prissy little girly-girl... who was rocking the pink tu-tu at the campground! haha :0)
Then about an hour later she could be found SITTING in the dirt & gravel pouring dirt all over herself....she continued doing this for the rest of the vacation... loving every minute of it! (yes, Mommy cringed a time or two... and held back the urge to follow her around all day with a wipe to clean her up every 5 mins!)
I was not so sure how Madi would do with napping while we were there... she's got a pretty good routine at home for this & generally doesn't do so great when that gets messed up... but I brought along the essentials...the port-a-crib... the Binky.. the Blankie... and the Ipod (for the lullabies) and after just a minute or so of complaining she would lay right down and fall asleep!! I was AMAZED! She slept her normal 3ish hours each time! I kept having to tip-toe to peak in the tent to make sure she was still breathing since I thought it was too crazy that she was napping so normally! And at night since it was SOOOOO freaking COLD I decided she needed to sleep on the air mattress with Mommy to keep her from getting chilly (and to help keep Mama warm! lol) Again I had concerns that she wouldn't fall asleep... and again she proved to me what a great little sleeper she can be! I was so proud of her!
Madi had SO much fun being outside & taking walks.. Playing with her pal, Avalee (and making some new friends too!)...playing in the dirt...looking at the leaves up in the trees (we had a great view of the tree tops from our tent, she would lay on the mattress, look up,point to the leaves & say "Frogs! Mama!"... ummm no Madi-Cakes... those are leaves, not frogs... not everything that is green is a frog kiddo!") ... and sitting by the fire chit-chatting into the night. It was such a blast! We can't wait to go again next year! (Hopefully Daddy will be able to join us next time around!)
Checking out the camp site with her pal Avalee

Making new a friend (reading a book w/Shae)

Playing with the sidewalk chalk w/Ally

Getting ready for her turn at hitting the Pinata!
(Check out that dirty bird!! This was the last day of camping...
so there was dirt EVERYWHERE! haha!)

She had never hit a Pinata before... we need to work on her form a bit before the next one... ;0)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a.....

Well folks... the news from the ultrasound is in!

Sometime around January 2nd our little family will be welcoming a little

We couldn't be happier!
I think I may need some help getting used to the idea of shopping for baby things that aren't covered in PINK! But I'm sure we will have fun finding all the cool boy things there is out there!