Saturday, October 10, 2009

To the Pumpkin Patch we go!

We took our first Family trip to the pumpkin patch this October. Since Madi had just turned 9 mths old we thought a round of awesome pictures was in order! And where else would we go for that in October? The pumpkin patch was the perfect setting :0)
When we set off that day I had this vision in my head that since Madi could stand up on her own holding onto our furniture then why couldn't she do that next to a pumpkin instead? Seemed pretty seamless to me... I did, however, take for granted that Madi had NEVER seen &/or felt a pumpkin before and that this new "thing" might take her a minute to figure out.... so...I set her down next to a pumpkin and put her hand on the top of it ... she looked at me like I was crazy! "What the heck is THIS mom?" & "Why am I touching it?" She immediately took her hand away from it and sat down... to focus on yet another "new" thing... Gravel! It's amazing how fast those little rocks can make it into her mouth! She definitely had me on my toes that afternoon! It ended up taking her a few moments but she eventually was ok with being near the pumpkins and of course her Daddy got some excellent pictures of her to remember the day with....


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