Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I was very excited to have my very first Mother's Day this year!
( Although last year we found out we were pregnant the day before
Mother's Day according to Brendan I wasn't allowed to tell anyone until we got the official word from the Doctor!... it was torture!!)
We started out the day by sleeping in a little (yay!!) Then Brendan and Madi were very excited to give me my very first ever Mother's day gift! Brendan, being the spectacular photographer that he is, took a couple pictures (one of Madi and another of Madi & I ) and had them made into 11x14 size & framed them, we ended up putting them up in our living room, they look GREAT!
Then we decided to go to the riverfront park and take a walk. It was a beautiful day out so a walk in the sunshine was perfect! We stopped at the mall beforehand and ate lunch (while Madi slept! yay! I got to eat lunch with both hands!!) Then once lunch was over we headed to the park. At the waterfront they have turned an old railroad bridge into a walking path across the Willamette River. I was a little nervous about walking across it at first ( the old railroad had been there forever & wasn't looking like it was in the best shape) but once we got up to the bridge we found it was actually really nice! We walked across it a few times then went to sit on a park bench.... Madi really gathers a lot of attention while we are out and about with her... she makes a lot of new friends, who seem to like to stop and ask all about her & then in turn tell us about their grandkids! lol, it's lots of fun :0) After a nice stroll around the park we decided to pack it up and head over to my moms house to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!
Here are some pics from our day... and yes...we totally matched that day!

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