Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Madisen vs the Ear Infection!

It's official! Madi has won her first battle with an ear infection!
Last week Madi had started waking up just about every hour or two in the night just screaming! (which is fairly unusual since she's been sleeping almost all the way through the night these days) She didn't want to eat anything... didn't stop after having her pants changed.. just kept crying & whimpering, even when I held her (which usually calms her down when she is cranky) We checked her temp & she was running a low-grade fever :0( ....During the daytime she was a little better but still extremely cranky and fussy & just not acting like her normal self. This all started the Saturday after she had her 4mth vaccines so we thought maybe it was a reaction to the shots...but unfortunately as the week went on she was getting worse & not better....I called the Dr & was told maybe it was just teething (which if this is how she acts every time she's teething I think I might go crazy by the time all her teeth are in!! lol) Another day later I got a call back from the Dr's office saying that it's got to be a reaction to her shots & that this can happen for up to 7 days after the shots are given! Yikes! But as the days went on Madi was just not getting any better... her Daddy noticed that her ears were looking pretty goopy lately & thought for sure she MUST have an ear infection. We called the Dr the next day & were able to get Madi in later that day.... once we got there Madi was SOOOOO cranky!!! She cried on the way there... cried as I was getting her checked in... cried when we sat in the waiting room... even cried on the way back to the patient room.... poor thing...the Dr did a complete check-up on Madi...wanting to make sure he covered all the bases since she is so young... she had to have lots of tests ( blood test, urine test, also had to have her ears flushed) after all of this he came to the conclusion that she MUST have an ear infection... he wasn't able to confirm it right away because he couldn't get a good look into her ears... poor thing had to have them scraped out & then flushed then scraped again! She was not happy!! Then after all that... he still couldn't see!!! So, he treated her for an ear infection anyhow, gave her a shot of antibiotics...she hated the shot but within just a few hours she was totally back to her normal self! Smiling... laughing... cooing.... We were SO glad to see her feeling better! The Dr wanted to see her the next day though so he could try to get a better look at her ears to confirm it & to make sure she was getting better & not any worse.... That night (after almost a full week of hardly any sleep!) Madi & I went to bed at 10pm & when I looked at the clock when she woke up it was after 5am!!! Yay!! She had slept more than an hour at a time!!!! YAY!! We went back to the Dr & he was able to confirm it was her left ear causing all the trouble..... she got one more shot of antibiotics & that was that!! I hope this won't become a habit for her!! It sure wasn't any fun!

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  1. Wow, that IS crazy that they made her go through all that just for an ear infection! :0( Hopefully they won't do that everytime she gets one!