Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer time fun!

It seems as though the summer just flew right by this year!
We had lots and lots of fun in the sun!
Check out some of the highlights.....

We hung out at Izaac's (Madi's cousin) baseball game:
We had lots and lots of playdates at the park with our friends:
Celebrated a few birthday parties: Had a fantastic visit with Brendan's cousin Elizabeth: Played around in the sprinkler: Played with the sidewalk chalk daily: And of course lots & lots of dress-up!:

We were sad to see summer end... although with little Mr Halen on the way we are all looking forward to January!

(Ps: Liz's belly is growing like crazy! Mama & baby are doing great! That boy kicks like crazy! We think he is going to be a kung-fu expert by the time he makes his entrance into the world!)

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