Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkins, Playdates, More Pumpkins & Some Trick or Treating!

This October we excitedly made our way to the Pumpkin Patch to show our "Toddler" (Wow!! She's not just a little baby anymore! Where has the time gone?!) all the fun & exciting activities the fall season brings...
So, we got Madi dressed in her official "Pumpkin Patch" outfit & headed on out... This year we were invited to join Liz's cousin, Ben & his family at the pumpkin patch in Dayton, Or (Heiser Farms)
We got there just as they were opening which meant parking was fabulous and there was hardly anyone else there! Madi (& her Daddy) are not big fans of crowded places so this worked out perfectly! Of course the first place we found ourselves checking out was the animal barn! Madi loooooooves animals!!

She and Bridget checking out the sheep

Madi had to stretch up on her tippy toes to be able to see the "Baby Chicks"
She also saw bunnies, piggies, goats, and her favorite of the day..."BABY COWS!"
Madi was in animal heaven! We must have spent an hour just walking from one end of the barn to the other checking out all the animals over and over again while Madi giggled!

Next, we stopped by the riding tractor area... There were lots of little ride on trucks and tractors the kids could choose from. Since there weren't very many people there still the kids were able to take their pick! Of course to Madi this meant she had to try them ALL out at least once! She wasn't able to peddle herself around but luckily for her, Mom & Dad were close by to give her a push!

The next stop on our list was the CHOO-CHOO TRAIN! Madi was SO excited to get close to the choo-choo... She was non-stop talking about it on the walk over and could hardly manage to control herself while waiting for Daddy to buy the train tickets.... then once it was time to get on the train..... she was Little Miss Quiet! She had such a serious face on the whole time around the track. But, once she was off the train once again she was oohing and ahhing about how exciting the Choo-Choo was. Silly Girl!

And next...was Brendan's favorite part...

We sat and watched them fling pumpkins across the fields and into junkyard car targets for a while...It was fabulous.

Then it was time for us to take the hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our very own pumpkin....

Madi & Liam were very concerned with all the dirt built up on some of the pumpkins... so they spent some time trying to clean it off...

Madi finally found the perfect pumpkin to take home!

Which she and Daddy turned into a .......


A few days later the girls and I had the chance to join our playgroup at the Carousel for some Halloween dress-up fun!

Madi went as, Minnie Mouse (one of her favs!)

Isabella went as an OSU Cheerleader.
They were both SO cute!!

We took a ride on the Carousel.

Then went outside while it was not raining & spent a few minutes on the playground.

Although Madi was a little disappointed that the slide was all wet... :0(

And Finally, we ended the month with some good 'ol Trick or Treating!

Little Miss Minnie Mouse all set with her Mickey pumpkin bucket!

While we were out & about Madi caught a glimpse of a kitty! She got so excited!

Madi & Daddy trick or treating.

We made a stop by Grandpa's house on our way home.

Then ended the night (and the month) with a quick visit from some of Madi's favorite people!
(Izaac, Paige & Justin)

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