Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Mr Halen Alan Dillon is here!!
January 4th @ 6:36 Am Halen made his way into this world!
He weighed 7lbs 8oz & was 18in long!

We were all set to be induced on the 4th @ 7:30am... however Halen decided he was gonna come on out on his own terms! haha!
I had spent the day before getting the house cleaned, dishes done, laundry washed & getting as much ready for Madi's 2nd birthday party (on the 8th!) as possible before going in the next morning to be induced... (all of this work *could* have prompted Halen to decide to come on out a little sooner than planned....lol... ) I went to bed that night & woke up at 12:30am feeling a little funny.... then within a matter of minutes started having contractions.... only 4 mins apart... luckily Brendan was still up & ready to go! I had thought that if Halen came on his own that labor *might* be a little bit easier than if I had to be induced....I thought maybe the contractions would start off 30 mins apart...then gradually get closer and closer.... apparently Halen had other plans... they were only 4 mins apart right from the start & with in less than an hour they were already 1-2 mins apart!! I texted my best friend Peggy to come over & stay with Madi (since she was sound asleep!) & though it only took her a short time to get to our house I seriously thought there was a chance we wouldn't make it to the hospital before the baby decided to come out! Boy Mom was right when she said 2nd babies come quicker!! I called my Mom & let her know it was "Time!" so she could meet us there. (We also made the round of calls to everyone on the way there)
We made it to the hospital in no time (thanks to Brendan's quick driving & *maybe* running through some stop signs/red lights along the way) They took us right up to Labor & delivery and immediately into our room (I guess when you are having back to back contractions they skip the whole "triage" room... where they check to make sure you are in labor before actually admitting you) By the time we got to our room I was already dilated to 7! This was only about an hour after labor started! Which was crazy fast!!! .... so... long-ish story short (I'll save you all from the gory details!haha!).... Halen arrived at 6:36am! (and no, Liz didn't have to push for 4 hours this time around!! Yay!!)
Brendan & I are SOOOO excited and happy to welcome him into our little family! He is absolutly PERFECT!!

Big sister Madi meeting Baby Halen for the first time!
She wasn't too sure about what was going on at first... but it didn't take long for her to be obsessed with her new Baby Brother! She loves to point out where the baby's Nose is... his toes... his fingers...ect... she loves having her very own "baby doll" in the house!! Luckily she hasn't tried to pick him up on her own yet, but she does love sitting next to him on the couch & sharing her toys with him (although I'm not so sure how long that will last! haha!) She has even been allowing Halen to use her beloved "Boo-gee!" aka: her blankie. She is such a good big sister!!

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  1. I was SO worried that I was going to take too long to get there & you'd have to have him in the car! I'm glad you made it in time, and sorry I couldn't get there faster (though I think I *might* have just ran a couple stop signs of my own)! ;o)