Saturday, September 1, 2012

How we spent our summer vacation.....

We kicked off the summer with a super fun camping trip! We went to Cove Creek, a campground right on Detroit Lake with Liz's brother & his family. It was a nice place to stay...not too many other campers there which made it pretty peaceful. 
(Although we did have a "dog attack" incident while we were there... 
a fellow campers dog was on the loose when we walked by & it felt the need to run full speed ahead barking like crazy right towards Madi....Using her cat-like reflexes Liz was able to shield Madi from the incoming dog just in time... It bounced off her hip & by then the owners were there to grab him before any harm could be done. Madi & Halen reacted to this by screaming a bit, Isabella didn't quite realize what was happening until it was over... and Payton.... well... Payton saw danger approaching and took the "Every man for himself!" kind of approach...and made a jump for some nearby bushes!! Haha!!)
It was really nice to be able to walk just a short distance over to the edge of the water & toss rocks, find cool sticks, get our feet wet, ect in the nice calm lake. I think next time we will be sure to bring along our raft so we can venture out a bit further than the waters edge. We didn't take a ton of pictures while we were on this trip... but here's a snapshot of the kiddos... snacking around the nice warm fire (oh, and yes... Madi is wearing Halen's sweatshirt... because Liz somehow managed to leave hers at home! Luckily there isn't too much size difference between the two of them anymore! haha!!) 


We got outside to play some ball.....
(Grandma Pat sent the kiddos cool new jerseys!)

And... share some hugs...

And of course we made our way over to the coast...
Brendan's cousin Elizabeth was here visiting again this summer (YAY!) & the kids had a blast showing her the sand!

(Ps : Madi LOVES that Leeb has Pink and Purple hair!! lol! ) 

We headed over to Great Aunt Lillian's house in August to do some apple picking (We LOVE apples!) 
As well as to have a chance to visit Liz's cousins who were visiting from Canada. It was a great opportunity to meet their new little guy, Leo! 
She's trying SO hard to reach the yummy apples!

Getting a little help from Isa-Boo!

Halen's favorite part was throwing the apples for the dog to chase after!

Halen & his Great-Great Aunt Lillian having a chat

My kids LOVE Babies! They were SO excited to meet their Cousin Leo!

After the apples were picked and we visited over some lunch, it was time for a walk!

Stay tuned for some more exciting End-of-summer activities....!! 

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