Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off to the Gilbert House we go....

Now that Madisen is such a "big girl", we decided it was time to let her go check out AC Gilbert's Discovery Village (aka:the Gilbert house) The Gilbert house consists of 3 historic houses all together filled with fun and exciting interactive exhibits... they have a kids supermarket to go shopping in, a undersea cave of frozen shadows, an exhibit on China, a Brazilian Rainforest theater, and Madi's all-time favorite the BUBBLE room! There are TONS more but too many to list... :0)
This was the first trip we've taken where Madi could just explore everything on her own... although Mommy & Daddy were there to give her a lift from one exhibit to the next (and to play along with her) she loved being able to walk (sometimes run!) through all the new exciting exhibits. I'm thinking we may need to get a family membership since she loves it there SO much! Here are some pictures from our adventure:
Learning about China

Checking out the toddler room

Trying to figure out how the locks work

Maybe Dad can help



Daddy giving Madi a close-up of the bubbles

Madi & Mommy checking out the storybook room

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