Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine and a new set of wheels!

We have been waiting and waiting... and waiting for some SUN! Luckily the rain finally dried up, the clouds parted and our friend the Sun finally was able to peek through for a little while.... of course, we do live in Oregon so of course this was just a short tease of nice weather to play with quick before the normal spring rain started up again... We made sure to enjoy it while it lasted! Up until now Madi hadn't really had much to do with that crazy looking, pokey green stuff on the ground... also known as grass! Last summer we had many picnics in the park but Madi was always up on the blanket, safe from this foreign stuff. But now this year, she is all about walking and running on her own EVERYWHERE.... The first time I put her down in the middle of a grassy field she just stood there looking at me... wondering what she was supposed to do.. I started walking & she quickly followed... then about 2 seconds later she realized she didn't have to follow Mommy.. she could run & play in this stuff!! She could even fall on her knees & it didn't hurt! This stuff was great! Haha! Ever since then she has wanted to do nothing more than to get to run in the grass every time we go to the park . She's still a little too small to be able to play on most of the playground equipment so I'm sure once she can do that the grass will not be quite as fun.... but for now the empty grassy field is where it's at!

The sunny weather also got Brendan thinking about taking Madi for more walks out in the fresh air... what goes perfectly with a nice walk in the sunshine? A new wagon to ride in! Brendan always has the good ideas....
So off to Toys-r-us we went... straight to the back of the store to where the wagons are ( Brendan was good about keeping me on task & not allowing the other super cute toys that Madi has to have distract me! lol) And there it was.... the perfect riding device for our little Madi-cakes.....
Yep, it's her new set of wheels... yes 1 is kinda young for her first car... but I think it's a perfect fit for her. :0) And of course, she absolutely LOVES it!

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