Monday, April 4, 2011

Growing! Growing! Growing!!!

I continue to be utterly amazed at how fast children grow... I think I blinked once and suddenly Madisen went from a newborn to this super cute, extremely smart little 2 yr old girl! The same is happening with Mr Halen... he is growing so fast... he just turned 3 mths old & is already outgrowing his 3mth size clothes (A feat that took Madi until she was 6mth or so to do!) He's very busy these days attempting to roll over (Seriously Kid?! Someone should have told you, you don't have to learn to do EVERYTHING before you are 6mths old! haha!) I believe he is also doing some teething already as well!! (Drooling, chewing on his hands, drooling, chewing on anything you put near his mouth, drooling... have I mentioned he's been drooling a lot?) So we are keeping an eye out for any little teeth that may be breaking their way through anytime soon. He continues to be a pretty mellow kid, he sleeps well at night (yay!) And loves playing on his playmat & napping in his swing (thank goodness for the invention of baby swings!)
Hanging out with Daddy

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