Friday, April 8, 2011

Madi's Favorite things...part 3....

Madi is back for another addition of her "Favorite Things"!
She has been a pretty busy little lady these days... lucky for us she has stopped by to share some of her current favorite things..... take a look! :

The neighborhood kitty that comes to visit.

Wearing the top of her cupcake container

Her Baby Doll (Named... what else?... Baby Doll... of course!)

Her barbie fairy wings!

Minnie Mouse!

Giving Baby Halen kisses

Dress up shoes & jewelry!

Daddy & Baby "Talen" (we're working on getting the 'T' into a 'H'..)

Her Princess Crown


Her new Ladybug rain boots!

Playing with Halen on his playmat

That's all she has for us for today...
Check back often for another installment of "Madi's Favorite Things!"

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