Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Halen is SIX months old!!

I find myself yet again wondering how time flies by so quickly, it seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital to welcome Halen into the world....but here we are...he's 6 months old already! Amazing!
We took him in for his 6mth check up on 7/5/2011 ... he is now...
26in (34.17%) & 16 lb 6 oz (29.49%)!!
He is still our happy little guy! From the second he wakes up in the morning he is smiling! He has also now added 'talking' to the list as well.... well... maybe more like happy screeching sounds...and boy oh boy is he LOUD! I guess since he's found his voice he is just trying to make sure everyone hears him loud and clear! He has two teeth now as well! (Bottom front) They started to poke through right around the time he turned 4mths old, one right after the other... looks like all that drooling paid off for him!
(He's still drooling like crazy so I'm sure we'll be seeing more teeth poke thru any day now!)

Halen is now working on sitting up on his own (He's SO close!! He can hold himself up for a while but is still working on catching himself when he starts to tip) Crawling shouldn't be too far away either! (He's kinda got an inchworm technique going right now... soon he'll be up off his belly crawling everywhere & getting into lots of trouble with his big sister I'm sure!)

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