Monday, August 29, 2011

Our First Family Camping Trip!

This August we were super excited to take Halen on his very FIRST camping trip!
 Madi couldn't wait to get out there and show Halen how it's done!
Here she is about 5 minutes after arrival :

It's amazing to me how fast she can go from a little No-I-don't-want-to-get-dirty-Princess to this dust ball! But she loves it, so I do my best to not follow her around with a wipe trying to clean her up every five minutes! 

The kids were VERY excited that this year we got to camp along with Grandpa & Allison, Aunt Ashley, Uncle Jon & Aunt Dawn AND the girls, Payton & Isabella!! It was great to have all our families there to hang out & relax with. We spent a lot of time chatting by the fire, roasted some marshmallows, did some stargazing, took walks down by the river, and even had the chance to raft down the river a few times as well! The only down side we had was the fact that Halen was not too impressed with the great outdoors! I think Madi would camp all year round if we let her ( She just LOVES it!!), Halen on the other hand... was NOT a happy camper!! During the day he would do ok. He would act pretty much like his usual happy self but once night time came it was like he was a completely different baby!! He had the hardest time falling asleep and was just cranky as can be! This made it a bit tough on us... we ended up deciding to head on home a night early. We were ALL very happy to be back in our normal beds & back to our regular routines. (Madi's first stop  after getting home... the BATHTUB!! Wow!! was she a dirty bird!) We are hoping that by next year Halen will be a better sleeper & be up for another outdoor adventure!! 

Brendan chillin' at the campsite

Madi & Mommy 

Halen & Daddy our first morning there 
( Halen sure looks like a happy guy doesn't he?)

Mr Blue Eyes

Grandpa working hard at the grill, making breakfast for us all, YUM! 

Day 2.... Madi ran thru the parking lot a little too fast & tripped... landing on her cheek, poor girl! 
(Some "Hot Chocolate Milk" from Grandpa helped make it feel better in no time though! Not to mention, right after it happened, her buddy Avalee, who we were visiting w/at their camp at the time, shared some yummy fishy crackers to help make it better too! What a good friend!)

Madi & Daddy goofing around


Daddy & Halen

Going for a walk 

Relaxing in his stroller, ready to take a walk


As soon as Madi saw Isabella at the campsite she HAD to have her sit WITH her... they are such good buddies!

Morning time at the campsite again! Halen & Mommy!

We gave him his own toys to play with ... but he thought Mommy's water bottle was tons more fun!! It was pretty hot outside so I think he liked that the bottle was super cold! 

The whole group hanging out by the river, going for a nice cool swim! (I think it was about 93 that day! Way too hot for me!!!)  

Overall we had a FABULOUS vacation & can't wait for our next adventure!

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