Friday, October 14, 2011

The Zoo! The Zoo!!

This October (Yep! I said October! Oregon + October usually = Brr!! But luckily the sun held out long enough to make for a beautiful day!) We had a chance to take a trip to the Zoo! One of Madi (& her Mommy's) favorite places to visit! We got a great deal for tickets (Yay Groupon!) so we were able to invite Aunt Dawn & the girls ( Payton & Isabella) to come along with us! 
Here's Madi & her "Girls" ready to go check out some animals!

Isabella & Payton in the Eagle nest... doing their best eagle impression

Halen had a great time too! 

We took a small break from the animal exhibits to play a little

Madi wasn't too sure about sitting on the mouse statue... she was much happier with the bench

The Giraffe's Mom! The Giraffe's!!

I think I see a ZEEEEEEBRA!! (Madi's fave!)

To the train we go! All Aboard!!

Halen was pretty excited to get to hang out in the Choo Choo Train!!

Time for some lunch! (And a little bit of lemonade too!)

Another of Madi's favorites...the Elephants!!
We had a great time checking out all the animals. We were really glad to be able to go before the weather turned yucky! Now at least once a week Madi asks if we can go back yet... she's getting a little impatient! Can't wait for summer to be here so we can do it all again! 

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